Lance LandallItís Time
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Itís Time
Poetry by Lance Landall

This worldís full of broken dreams, hurting people ó and who're adrift, it seems, Yes, itís a harsh world, itís a cold world, one where tears form rivers and streams. Itís a troubled world, it's a distressing world, one that is full of pain, And it is crying out for love ó that in place of hate ó should always reign.

Yes, fear and sadness stalk this planet, and happiness is but fleeting, And those weapons into plough shears, not a single nation is beating. Thereís an air of gloom and doom, there's a sense of loss, and bewilderment, And there is that feeling in the bones that more bad news is imminent.

Itís obvious that we have fouled our nest, and a heavy price will pay, And itís also clear that society has lost the plot, lost its way. We all know that there is wealth out there ó yet, greater poverty we see, Accompanied by much suffering that should not, nor need not, be.

Yes, we have certainly got problems, and there is carnage everywhere, Be it via some disaster, heartbreak, war, or the greedy profiteer. But despite it all, or our pain, there is one thing that is very clear, Change is better late than never, and much better late than, "I donít care."

But even if it were too late ó what time we have left ó we can improve, For that is what love would seek to do, and yes, love a mountain can move. Havenít we erred enough? Are we truly sorry? If so, letís prove it, And weíll do that by starting with ourselves ó and then, others will benefit.

Yes, thereís enough suffering, thereís enough heartbreak, and enough cruelty, Hence why both man and creature are bleeding ó this earth too, lamentably. So clearly itís time for healing, and for love ó the kind that wins the day, Love that right around this earth will build a caring two lane motorway.

Yes, itís time that we turned the corner, and stopped repeating history, Itís time that we let love conquer each nation, each race and family. Yes, itís time that love fell just like snowflakes, and blanketed the whole earth, Itís time, itís time, itís time, it's time ó that love ó in the hearts of all gave birth.

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