Lance LandallI've A Duty, I've A Reason
Poetry by Lance Landall
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I've A Duty, I've A Reason
Poetry by Lance Landall

Would I like a stately house, one midst gardens prim and expansive,
And it standing in an area where rich and famous folk live?
Yes, a million dollar mansion, one with treasures in every room,
One sporting a largish swimming pool, one befitting a tycoon.

Would I like a speedy Ferrari, a stylish Lamborghini,
Or a garage full of cars, each one waxed and gleaming just for me,
And a chauffeur to drive me around and open and close the door
As I stepped out in flash clothing that would leave admirers in awe?

Would I also like a bank account that is bursting at the seams,
Along with investments here and there that incredible wealth screams,
And properties all around the globe, a large yacht, a plush hotel,
A cook, maid, butler and gardener, and a private jet as well?

No, for that just isnít me, but there is another thing, you see,
As I couldnít in all conscience given there's so much poverty.
No, for all this wealth that could be mine could save thousands every day,
Therefore, how could I rest easy and such indifference display?

Yes, I could give some money, even half of the money I own,
But the rest of it that I'd have left would still have me sigh and groan,
For even that much I donít need, and thus even more folk could aid
If I just lived a simple life and one's duty didnít evade.

No, I donít need such riches ó and besides, so wrong such wealth would be,
Unless I kept on giving, (though mindful of my own needs, clearly),
For while many are starving daily, or in abject poverty,
Iíve a duty, Iíve a reason, to act very responsibly.

Yes, many are dying daily or are suffering needlessly,
While money that could help them greatly is being squandered recklessly.
Therefore, if I didnít do the right thing, I too, guilty would be,
For Iíve a duty, Iíve a reason, where Iíve capability.

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