I Was Me, I Was You, I Am Me Again
Poetry By Anthony James

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I Was Me, I Was You, I Am Me Again
Poetry By Anthony James

It's funny isn't it?
You look at my head and what do you see?
A round block with some funny things-
Eyes, nose, hair, ears - you know...

These things are amazing in and of themself-
But you know how we all are?
We turn these things into vain objects of critique-

The face.
Pretty enough for you?

Hmm.. I might put my every bit of focus on this
This face of mine-
These legs, and the place I sit with
Get them all curvy and put out my broadcast-
Of lust- upon all the lust bitten hearts...

What an evil.
To focus on the surface-
When God put all His Love and Work-
Into creating the Heart of man-
This is where 'Love' is-

Pride, Vanity, Lust
Oh how sad. Truly, truly sad
Still, it is the way of the world, today-

I was me once-
I suffered isolation-
I'd pray and say-
Why am I here?
I do not belong here, no way.

Still, I am here- to stay
Time led the way-
So, I became you-
But I have a brain-
It knows my heart and remembers-

My soul is buckled down in Christ's Armor-
If not for Him- I'd have died ten million times-

I am trying my best-
To open this chest- to show my heart-
To turn the key to loose the girdle of my Soul
Held by His Hand, He carries me- And countless others-
Names of the unknown- undesired- lonely

And so- He has released me-
Of this world- And in doing so-
I am me again!

Oh, but I am different now-
He has given me a Power-
To be strong, His Strength-
Undeniably Powerful-

I was me, I was you, I am me again-
Only now I do not feel the hurt the world places upon me
You look at me and what do you see?
Just a face-


ask me-
about things,
where I've been
what I've learned-
what I know
How I came back

What are you 'looking' for?

April 4, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved