I Will Always Care...
By Anthony James

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I Will Always Care...
By Anthony James

An atheist fares better than a hypocrite-
but wait just a sec-
the religious hypocrite is an atheist-
only he lies about his religiousness-

Sure it's worse to be a hypocrite with
worn threads around the knees--
but what are we talking about here
in terms of degrees?

The point of it all is that the
religious hypocrite and the atheist
are in big trouble-

When the fun of free will is over
And the Lord approaches-
You will so wish you didn't make
the choices you made-

That is what they are "choices" not "mistakes"
just saying- and still praying for you-
knowing that you won't for me...

...right now.

December 10, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved