Poetry By Anthony James

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Poetry By Anthony James

He took me,
Yes he did-
Like a craft- from a sleep
I met him-
Like a sphinx,
Like a lion
By a waterfall...
I arrived.
He was waiting there for me.
And I looked at him.
Was like a man,
Morphed into lion
I saw a mansion
This other night
From a sleep- I traveled by light-
Two men led me along
Through a wooded patch
I followed, alright.

An ocean did part
From a mountain wall
Pure white sand made a path for us all

I saw my feet run up the mountain
Where water trickled upon my toes-
I giggle just a little
When the two guides say 'let's go'...
And I looked up then,
What a thing I did see-

A Mansion of colors
All the hues of blues
Being built on this day...
Almost complete, the carpenter waved.
And I saw my face
Filled with peace
Looking up
All these, in my sleep.