Just Some Words
Poetry By Anthony James

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Just Some Words
Poetry By Anthony James

it's True-
Our minds are limited-
What we see is perceived
as what we believe
Is True?

And Yet-
There is Another Truth!
It is not like ours-

It is a Truth-
That can be put within us-
In a Word-

God's Might and Hallowed Name
Is incomprehensible.
So, don't try-

But think about what someone said once
Just a regular guy-
He had a dream, and saw things!
Woke a different man-
But who could ever See
By his words alone-
What he came to know?


When God changes our truth for His
We can only weep-

Because His Truth Is the True Truth
That overrides everything and everything that was true
is no more- Instead His Truth is felt, and when we feel it-
We see just how much trouble we are in-

And we will all cry like children.
If we're lucky-
And maybe, Jesus will Save us.
But none of us know until we know because it has come to pass