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Poetry by Lance Landall
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Keep Your Word
Poetry by Lance Landall

“I’ll be there at three o’clock,” or at least that is what they say,
But when three o’clock comes around, there is reason for dismay.
For they either haven’t turned up, or are running very late,
And you hear all those excuses that you tolerate but hate.

If we are unreliable, who will take us at our word?
For some adverse thing about us may very well soon be heard.
Our “Yes” should always mean “Yes”, and our “No” should always mean “No”,
Otherwise, just seeds of distrust in another’s mind will grow.

Yes, so many turn up late, or they don’t turn up as stated,
Causing others much frustration, who quite some time have waited.
If we say that we will be there at a certain time or place,
Our lateness, or non-appearance, others shouldn’t have to face.

We've effectively misled if we haven't done as we said,
Not deliberately I hope, but indirectly we've misled,
For we clearly broke a promise, as we stated as a fact
Something that we said we would do, that our actions never backed.

Sometimes folk are left thinking that they’ve sadly been misled,
When something beyond our control stops us doing what we’ve said.
And even when we tell them it was no fault of our own,
Some folk still remain unhappy, and strongly complain or groan.

However, whenever such happens, at least our conscience is clear,
For we haven't acted wrongly, and no culpability share.
But though unforeseen things can happen,  we must still take great care,
Lest it seem that we’re unconcerned, and doubts in their mind appear.

It doesn’t say a lot for us when we say and then don’t do,
Or if we act in a way that somebody can misconstrue.
So, let us all take care now, and make sure that we keep our word,
Lest any promises we break, amongst others soon be heard.

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