Keynote from Your Heart
By Barbara Snow


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Keynote from Your Heart
By Barbara Snow

Take care of your ‘Heart’, it beats just for you
So tireless a muscle, please give it true due
It pumps life giving oxygen, from your head to each toe
It gives you the energy to get up and go

Its symbol is Love, for the young and the old
No store sells another, no matter your Gold
It likes when you’re happy, it’s happy when you play
This hard working muscle beats non-stop each day

Charities brand it their logo; ‘Heart’ helps many a cause
Its photo brings donations for both human and paws
It’s the reason you love, it’s the reason you care
It prompts all your kindness and desire to share

“Heart’ doesn’t like smoke, a walk makes it glad
Fried foods in abundance clog and make it sad
It will do its work, but ‘Heart’ needs you too
Each beat prompts another, its all up to you

Too much fat can abuse it, on belly or in food
Treat ‘Heart’ kind and gentle to comfort its mood
Lessen meat consumption, say “No”- YES! - you can
Fruit, veggies, legumes, nuts, grains – a much better plan

Each day when you wake, thank ‘Heart’ for your life
Give it positive moments, less anger and strife
Prevention is key, advice you should take
Each time you wrong ‘Heart’, you make a mistake

It warns you when troubled, it gives you a clue
Heed all of its symptoms, Doctor knows what to do
81 baby aspirin is good every day
Prevent Attack and Disease, you can learn the way

“Do not think me fragile, I am truly strong
I am ‘Heart’; I am Life, for the short or the long
I’m the reason you live, I’m the reason you be
Be diligent for my reward – your children’s children to see”

“Don’t let me hurt – don’t let me break
See for caution to take
Please protect all I do and you will be smart
For your life I not rest, for I am your ‘Heart’.”

Dedicated to Frankie, in his 19th year with his transplanted heart, and for Anna, his wife, who loves and inspires him to follow all the’ rules’, and to the Shands cardiac team who makes it all happen, and to honor the donor and family who gave Frankie all the extra years to love Anna more and longer.