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Labels Tend To Stick!

Why do we plaster LABELS?
Why on earth do we say:
'So and so's neurotic',
'So and so's a Gay'.
- What we are is what our choice is,
every minute, every day.
(Once we throw off what is stewing
from our childhood's early brewing!)
- Every person is unique,
but he's not a solid FACT,
as though it were inevitable
how he thinks, and how he acts.
We can all find new horizons
that we didn't know existed.
That's the hope for every life;
and it helps to know we're trusted
on the way!
Should I call myself a Poet?
NO!  For straightaway I find
that I keep changing rhymes and rhythms
in almost every line!
(Causing real poets to moan and groan),
so p'raps I'll keep on in my own
humble way;  all that I can be
is what i choose at any minute -
sad or happy;  trapped or free!

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