Lambs Of The Land
Poetry By Anthony James


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Lambs Of The Land
Poetry By Anthony James

Father, I am Your son,
Saved by Your Hand-
Saved again, and again-
Oh Lord, trusted servant- I have been

Quiet and Strong is the Lamb-

My bones, cracked and shattered-
Still, I Walk.
My head cracked and eye maimed-
Still, I See.

And I am of You, Father-
And before these things,
I loved You, Father!
And I am restored, again.

Father, I lay myself down, 'an easy one'
Upon the men of this land-
I make sure to be 'the lamb'
So that you can see, by them, what I become?

It is done.

Left behind
Broken bone and tormented mind-
Injustice, they leave me down
No profits, and my justice is never carried out-
They have no fear of me, Father.
For I am like a lamb.
They fear me not?

And there are others, like me.
We walk among them-
Living in their judgement and tribulation-

Like a celebration- We are victorious, Father
Our eyes and ears and hearts raise up to You-
They know not, the things You do-
They know not, of the things we do.

See us sink- Father
While they raise themselves to the brink- Father-
And they see themselves in Heaven, Father.

We stagger back home-
With little to see-
I lay myself down- on scuffed knee
If only they knew?
What would they think?

Call upon us, Lord-
We will show them what they did.
And on this day, the Saints shall be named.

January 29, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved