Jhc Tabucur LyretteLike Echoes That Ride Waves through the Universe: Poetry By Jhc Tabucur Lyrette - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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Veganism is the most Ancient Scroll
In the Roots of Humanity our Story was Told
Out of all species Mine is the most Fearful you Know
For they have Lost their Sight
As they pace Back and Forth they go
For My Vision Is Cosmic Born to Realize
That All is Born of the Same Force
The Firmament the Fabric
Is the most Subtle Force Invisible
To the Common Eye the Mundane Mind
Intangible in that it is So Grand
For in One we find All
For all Is The Same Great and Small
Let not One Fall for we All Diminish
Ourselves we become Small
For All Creation is Created to
Stand Magnificent and Tall
Like the Blaze in the Night Sky
For shall we Radiate the Same Light
Forever That Spark Our Cosmic Birth
For this is just One of Many
Universal Birth is what we have
But Most and Many Forgotten the Truth
But you can Remain Blind as you were
 At Birth act like this your First
For in your Next you will be Judged
And Weighed for your Cosmic Worth
How your Elements assimilate will
Dictate the Heaviness or Lightness
To be Light is to have Worth
So Smile and Look Forward
Do Not Fear you Will Always
Be Heard Like Echoes That ride
Waves through the Universe
~ Tabucur ~
Jhc Tabucur Lyrette 03/12/13

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