Like a Many Faceted Diamond
By Lyndia (Myoji-Hana)


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Like a Many Faceted Diamond
By Lyndia (Myoji-Hana)

Like a many faceted Diamond of a thousand faces,

This I believe is God.

With each beautiful, gleaming face different, yet they are all the same,

It doesn't matter the gender or culture, or even matter the name.

From the divine whence we came, and shall someday return,

with each new rebirth there's a new truth for us to learn;

and many old negative traits for us to reconstruct and to burn.

Thus we must be aware of all that we think, say and do,

for time after time it will continue returning to you.

Finally when we've righted our wrongs and learned all our lessons,

living in harmony with nature and the divine,

With the many faces we shall unite as one in time