Lance LandallLiquid Poison
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Liquid Poison
Poetry by Lance Landall

No one who calls them self a Christian, and via their words or actions, can afford
To sanction the drinking of alcohol, for such is abhorrent to the Lord.
And therefore, any Christian that's found endorsing such perversion of the vine,
With evil powers of darkness has very foolishly let them self combine.

You see, it's only since the Fall of Adam that such fermentation has been,
Thus it simply the handiwork of Satan, and shrewdly tailor-made to glean.
And it's been very successful in its purpose, 'cause many lives it has claimed,
And where it hasn't claimed lives, it has badly maimed, caused chaos, or simply shamed.

Oh yes, 'cause it's poison in a bottle thats main target is the human brain,
For such is where one's godly sense of right and wrong it can very quickly drain.
And just one glass affects one's judgment (which worthy documented research shows),
Because once it has made its silent entry, it's straight to the brain that it goes.

To so foolishly impair our judgment is to go contrary to God's will,
And therefore, it's very clear that only total abstinence can fit the bill.
But alcoholic drinks also destroy brain cells that will never be replaced,
And there's so much more damage that to this injurious liquid can be traced.

And hence why the Holy Bible strongly warns us never to be led astray,
As well as warning not to put a stumbling block in another person's way.
And yet this is exactly what happens when someone consumes this nasty brew,
Or chooses to endorse its substance thinking that such is quite okay to do.

That which is unfermented, and that which is fermented, some folk have confused,
Because the Word of God when speaking of the grape, the word “wine” for both has used.
Hence why a thorough investigation should leave anyone without a doubt
That partaking of fermented “wine” the Scriptures have very clearly ruled out.

Hence why it would be a terrible insult for us to use fermented “wine”
To symbolize the pure blood of Jesus — that is, during our Communion time.
And hence why where this time is spoken of, only “fruit of the vine” has been used,
And thus calling it “wine” as usual, they have very clearly such refused.

Some say that when Christ attended the Cana wedding He made fermented “wine,”
But such an unwise miracle our Saviour's sinless nature would undermine,
Because to increase intoxication that would befuddle more by the hour,
Would only shame our sinless Saviour, and such would be a misuse of His power.

Yes, some people say that Christ did drink alcohol, but that simply is not true,
Because Jesus all throughout His time here on Earth, only the right thing chose to do.
But some people, using the Scriptures in their defence, that they've got very wrong,
Attribute certain things to Jesus that to Him definitely don't belong.

As our Saviour hung upon Calvary, they offered Him a little wine to drink,
But from its injurious fermentation, our Lord was very quick to shrink.
Yes, even when He was so close to death, alcohol Jesus still wouldn't take,
And there's no stronger statement that Christ himself (who's our example) could make.

No, our righteous Saviour would not condone whatever would harm the human mind,
So as hard as any Christian may look, our Lord's approval they will not find.
Plus, the Bible says that we're called His Holy temple, and with a price were bought,
And that therefore, we shouldn't harm this temple, which via Scripture we have been taught.

Certain things that our Saviour sometimes allowed, His approval didn't always meet,
And this fact is something that we should remember and not past mistakes repeat.
So, where clarity is lacking, we should always tread with the greatest of care,
Lest it be that we be found imparting lies that Satan wants people to hear.

No, our Saviour would hardly imperil His own judgment via such a substance.

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