Lost and Found
Poetry By Anthony James

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Lost and Found
Poetry By Anthony James

is it true we are all a book?
is it true we are all a movie?
filling in the pages, filling up the screen-
The Heavenly all watching, closely-
innocence and tragedy,
every Soul emits weeping-
in this replay of a life-span-
from the birth page and scene 1
to the death.

harps will play out the sounds
Angel's will sing above the weeping frowns
every person will be loved in these moments-
though not all endings will be the same.
And more weeping will then outrain the Angelic refrain
and soon no singing will be heard-

Then cometh The Word-
Jesus Christ will Come to be the fair Judge
of all Souls who have lived and died.
Full of Mercy, He will Preside-
Full of Forgiveness, He will Decide.

Many will cry, weeping and gnashing of teeth
It's True- Let us pray for each other for the Day is among us all-
The Book of Life- The Divine Plan of God-

I am on my knees, my head is back and hands are up, my palms are open
my heart is Yours, Jesus- is it True to say that I have found myself?

August 22, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved