Lance LandallLove Needs You
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Love Needs You
Poetry by Lance Landall

Love will befriend a stranger, love will go the extra mile, Love will look after others, and when hurting, will still smile. Love will forgive and forget, love will turn the other cheek, Love will happily go last, and, otherís well-being will seek.

Love will deliver flowers, love will send a special gift, Love calls in on others, when someoneís down, itíll pause, uplift. Love will display affection, love greets and leaves with a hug, Love also fetches a blanket, thoughtfully puts on the jug.

Love will vacuum and tidy, love will do the dishes too, Love will put out the rubbish, do things some are loath to do. Love is quick to say sorry, and love will shoulder the blame, Love will take time to listen, and love, its love will proclaim.

Love will share all it has left, loveís prepared to go without, Loveís generous to a fault, sows confidence where thereís doubt. Love is good to its neighbours, love is kind to creatures too, Love will seek out the hurting, love is faithful, love is true.

Love will honour a promise, love will also keep its word, Love goes out in all weathers, love endures, is undeterred. Love makes time when itís busy, and love will wait up all night, Love will exercise patience, when upset, is still polite.

Love is tender and gentle, love gives others a fresh start, Love believes when others donít, brings joy to anotherís heart. Love will open up its home, love a helping hand will lend, Loveís always there when needed, cheery messages will send.

Love has an eye for beauty, love joins children in their play, Love lets others shine instead, love lets others have their say. Love has a sense of humour, love delights in fun-times too, Love gives cuddles and kisses, love gives praise where praise is due.

Yes, thereís so much love will do, but to succeed, love needs you.

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