Luv U Babe :)
Poetry By Anthony James


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Luv U Babe :)
Poetry By Anthony James

well I thought love was true-
when i met you-
and my eyes were closed to things imbued

and let me sit down and define
this love I call 'mine'
and let me see-
if there are conditions for me

what could they be?
things that money buys?
is this what makes her smile?

she doesn't believe in God
she doesn't know Jesus
she says happiness frees us?
and that I make her happy?

'I' make her happy?
well let's see about this idea
because God's plan is clear-
and when I lose my way
to bring home her pay-

oh, things have certainly changed?
no more running to 'my baby' and saying with a huge smile
'I love you'?


and now we fight day and night
and she complains because
"things aren't just right"
this is like day and night!

Maybe if I get another job
and bring her home more pay
she'll change back to her old way

of "loving" me?

and all through our lives,
Jesus shows us, that only He Loves us-
everyone else is a sinner.

and now you wear tight pants
and I guess you put the money I gave you away-
to pay for your new implants?

hey I saw you today with your new man-
and I heard you telling him-

I luv u babe!

March 28, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved