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By Hooman Anvari

Ambition is a vast ocean.
The more you drink the thirstier you become.

Patience is a block of ice.
If you wait 'till it melts you can quench your thirst.

Opportunity is a piece of fruit.
It needs to be picked when it's ripe.

Cruelty is a nightmare.
If not controlled, you never wake up.

Hatred is a fire.
It burns everything in sight.

Fear is a desert
Where nothing ever grows.

Love is a magnet
Which attracts things together.

The ego is a balloon.
The more it's inflated, the sooner it pops.

Success is as sleep.
The harder you try, the longer it takes.
The less you stress, the sooner it happens.

Optimism is money.
The more you have, the more you spend.

Love is the sun.
Its warmth is always there.
Even at night when its presence is not felt,

Doubt is thunder.
It strikes loudest in the dark.

Fear is the dark,
Its abyss endless.

Faith is a compass.
It reveals direction.

Reflection is a clock.
It keeps us informed of our progress.

Volatile temperament is a disease.
Anyone can catch its contamination.

Honesty is gold.
The purer its content, the more its worth increases in value.

Potential is a seed.
Its content is capability in its embryonic form.

Anger is smoke.
It temporarily blinds vision.

Violence is an eclipse.
It deteriorates eyesight.

Abuse is lightning.
If struck, its result is either death or a narrow escape.

Friendship is fire.
When too far or too close, its result is consequent temperatures of either extreme.

Volatile temperament is a genetically deficient seed,
Its only fruit developing into embarrassment.

Laughter is a medication.
Its advisable to follow the recommended dosage.

Justice is a mirror.
It reflects only whatever is in front of it.

Truthfulness is a window.
It portrays nature's reality.

Personality is a piece of metal.
The easier it heats up, the easier it bends.

Imagination is a flat tire.
Only once it's inflated can it best serve its purpose.

Concentration is a laser.
The more focused its projection, the more increase in its potency.

Life is an egg.
The safer its kept, the less chance it cracks.

Suspicion is a magnifying glass.
It reveals what the normal eye cannot see.

Envy is a microscope,
It reveals more than the eye can see.

Arrogance is ventriloquism.
You may as well be talking to somebody else.

Jealousy is a tornado.
Only after it passes through can the damage be measured.

Cruelty is an earthquake.
The only thing it measures up to is the Richter scale.

Determination is a piece of charcoal,
Which when it reaches maturity transforms into inestimable value.

Religion is a self-programmable moral computer,
which functions purposefully once we comply with the manufacturer's instructions.

Science is a tool.
What more does its purpose serve?

Paranoia is one kind of shadow.
Its image may well haunt us,
But it's only ever a reflection of our true selves.

Faith is another kind of shadow.
Even though we may only appear to stumble into its mystery at night,
It always follows us unconditionally and eternally, with or without light.

Respect is like the mother's womb.
We never fully appreciate its necessity until we develop and mature.

Youth is like our parents' love.
We don't appreciate it until it's gone.

Superstition is a ghost.
The more it creeps into our minds, the sooner it haunts us.

Life is a cloud.
We can sleep on it,
But only 'till the story ends.

Innocence is childhood,
The world a never-ending adventure.

Hope is a fairy tale.
No matter what the consequence, it always has a happy ending.

Love is magic.
No earthly power can grasp its diversity.

God is a magician
Who by the very nature of His wand performs true magic.
We are His audience
Caught spellbound by His image.

Our soul is the wand,
And at birth the magic show begins.

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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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