Andrew PellMake a Difference
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Make a Difference
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Can we make a difference in this world that we live?
Yes we can if we only learn to forgive.
Do we carry anger that prevents us from moving on?
Life can be truly a beautiful song.
Extend your hand to a stranger in need.
They will likewise wish to do a good deed.
Embrace the downtrodden of society.
Give them every opportunity.
Respect the minority.
Love those who are different.
Do what was meant.
A kind word can be heaven sent.
Applaud their accomplishment.
Do not live in competition.
If we only stop and listen
Working together is a divine mission.
Talk to the homeless.
Because sadly nobody cares less;
We all have our light to shine.
Make a difference by being kind.
Inspire others by our gifts and light.
Encourage all to shine bright.
Make a difference by word and deed.
Do not succumb to human greed.
Make a difference by being just you.
Your warmth and light will make all things new.

Andrew Pell 08/08/09

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