Make It Happen
By Matthew DeLuca


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Make It Happen
By Matthew DeLuca

If one were to consider Pets as the "The Hand"
Then we must play the role of the "Insulating Glove"
Because we have to take a stand
To protect the ones we love

When Pets are in lethal danger
We must come to their aid and be their Superman
They are God's Babies and we must be Their safe, warm manger
We must look into the eyes of anyone who would hurt/kill pets, and draw a line in the sand

We must never be afraid to do what is right
We must always save precious lives, anytime, anywhere, any way
Whether in the darkness of a cold Winter's night
Or on a bright, humid Summer's day

Sadly, death never takes a Holiday
Which is made all the more tragic by those who bring about death despite life saving alternatives
But, no matter what happens, we always, always must have our say
We must always defend a precious four legged Soul's right to enjoy the gift of life that God gives

Those who exist in such a pathetic ignorance, that they do not value life
Must be made to see how precious every life truly is, they must be shown the light
A life is a life, a soul is a soul, whether you are a cat, a dog, a husband, or a wife
All of us, every one, deserves to be able to spread our spiritual wings, as we take flight
As we enjoy this sacred gift, that is the journey of life
The rights to live, to love, and to be loved is EVERYONE'S universal birthright

Somehow, somewhere, we arrogant members of the human animal species became jaded
We, without credibility, without having earned it
Have allowed the knowledge of the importance of every life, to blur, the truth has become faded
As we have put ourselves on an invisible pedestal, a delusionary pulpit
We have foolishly, in a extremely pitiful way, as God, masqueraded
We have egomaniacally, taken on the role of God Himself, and we do not play the role well, we are nothing like God, not even a little bit

God is love, God is life, God defeats death, the darkness of death inevitably loses to Heaven's eternal, life giving sun
Those who run these deceptively named "shelters" do not engage in love, nor life, instead they bring on death
For, love and life are synonymous with each other, for who would bring death to a healthy loved one?
Nobody would bring death upon a healthy loved one....atleast nobody with an ounce of honesty on their breath

So, not only do the murderers of innocents engage in killing, they engage in hypocritical killing
For they would never want done to them or to those whom they love, what they do to their fellow living souls
Yet they wrongly and hypocritically take the lives of others....lives that CAN be saved, if the killer's polluted souls were only willing
Instead, they remain in denial of this terrible reality, and continue to blindly, arrogantly, ignorantly, indifferently, commit murder against whom they have selected for the death bell to toll

But it doesn't have to stay this way
We can stop this modern day holocaust, this mass murder of healthy, savable, adoptable pets, yes we can
All we have to do is have our say:
"Cats and dogs and other pets have equal importance, and an equal right to live, as a woman or a man".

This is the ultimate truth , and facts don't cease to exist because they are ignored
So, we must take it upon ourselves, to make sure that we make our voices heard everyday
To our Mayors, "shelter" officials, and those on the City Council board
This is about life or death, this isn't a game, and we're not here to play

Let's finally evolve into a society that, instead of excusing or ignoring the executions of pets who have committed no crimes
Finally gets our act together and starts treating others the way that we want ourselves and our family treated
What are we waiting for? A bus? A train? Let's MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD! It is time.
Our voices are the only thing standing between the continuance of such disgraceful killing, and the murderers and their lethal acts finally being defeated.

How can we live with ourselves, if we don't all peacefully protest until the death camps are put out of business for good?
And are replaced with No Kill Shelters...the only TRUE shelters in fact
If we relentlessly insist that the ones we give our tax money to, do what we DEMAND, we could become a No Kill Nation rather quickly, yes we could
But it will NEVER happen, unless we ALL act.