Lance LandallMeat? No Thanks
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Meat? No Thanks
Poetry by Lance Landall

Iím a vegetarian because I believe that being so is wise, Given that meat consumption (over the years) has seen ill health rise. And therefore, I thought that via this poem I would mention a few facts That partly led to my decision, and that my decision backs.

To begin:

The dental structures of humanity possess certain features That convey beyond a doubt that we are herbivorous creatures. Weíre unlike the carnivore who seeks out and then attacks their prey, Tearing their victim to pieces with those sharp fangs that they display.

Human intestines are very long, thus giving time to extract All those nutrients found in plant foods, (which our hungry enzymes attack). A carnivore's intestines are short, allowing quick expulsion Of decomposing, putrefying flesh; which fills one with revulsion.

Flesh-eating animals far more hydrochloric acid secrete, Which readily breaks down flesh, (which is the regular food they eat). Such acid we secrete far less -- therefore, taking longer to digest This flesh food never meant for us, and via which, trouble we ingest.

Any animal that is killed while itís in a state of fear, Will flood its system with adrenalin, which the meat-eater will share. This strong stimulating agent a person's blood pressure can raise, And when our blood pressure's raised, such invariably with our health plays.

When one eats an animal, theyíre also eating its urine too, Which is trapped in the creature's kidneys, for kidneys such passes through. You see, when an animal is killed, their waste is halted in its track, Which, via the likes of kidney pies, oneís body will badly attack.

By the way, it isn't just those kidneys that harbour toxic waste, For each animalís body with urea is generously laced. Urea, my dear friend, is the halfway stage from waste becoming urine; A very toxic energy waste I wouldnít want added to mine.

Meat owes much of its flavour to this toxic waste that's produced By muscles that (when activated) cause such waste to take up roost. Thus, urea, uric acid, and urine are poisons to avoid, Otherwise, given time, friend, you will see your health being destroyed.

In the liver or the fatty tissue of those creatures that folk eat, Are many harmful elements, far too many to here repeat. Therefore, meat-eaters eat in minutes whatís collected over years, Which is why (sooner or later) ill-health painfully appears.

So many diseases are transmitted from animal to man, Which a lack of care and hygiene can epidemically fan. BSE, (also known as mad cow disease), and the swine and bird flu Are warnings that all should be heeding lest worse scenarios brew.

Animals and animal products are clearly making folk sick, Hence why a non-flesh (and vegan) diet is a better one to pick. Why invite high blood pressure, arthritis, and atherosclerosis, Or gallstones, heart disease, cancer or osteoporosis?

Yes, Iím a vegetarian, and have been so for many years, Despite receiving some opposition, some pressure, or some jeers. For I have seen so many people whose great love for meat has led To many years of misery and their last days spent in a bed.

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