Mercy First, Then Forgiveness
Poetry By Anthony James


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Mercy First, Then Forgiveness
Poetry By Anthony James

Mercy first, then forgiveness-
is this not how a heart is ordered?
be merciful, and so too shall our Father be to us-

forgive me, I forgive you-
let us be loving and merciful to eachother-
under the calm Power of our father and mother-
do they not love their children, all?
do they not forgive their children, of everything?

does not our Father in Heaven Live this Way?
did not He give His only Son for us to Live?
I forgive you- forgive me?

God forgive me if I am forgiving, please,
I have done more against You than any man against me-
and I have done more to other men than I have done against myself

-for this, Lord, I will need your Mercy, only then will you Forgive me-
let me build a bank of good deeds to pay off my debts to you, Lord.

August 24, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved