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Morning After
By John Cannon

Last night the storms were violent —

thunder and lightning,
threats of tornadoes,
pounding rains, and lashing winds.

We could only watch
and wait in trepidation,
holding each other close.

On waking, we find
a magic sense of peace —

the air is fresh,
the earth smells sweet and rich,

fragile wisps of mist
rise and fall in the valley,

the birds are exuberant
and the sun is warming the land.

And I can’t help hoping,
(and yearning to believe)

that there will be
another Morning After —

a Morning After
the current nightmare in our land.

I am hoping that pendulums
really do swing back,

that the violent storms,
and raging turmoil,
in our human communities,

the evil thoughts
and words and deeds,

the psychopathic leaders
who monger fear and hate

will also pass —

will trigger a groundswell of longing for conciliation,
a new openness to each other,
and the necessary working together

for a blessed time
of sweet and precious

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