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it's only in the garden
that we get a proper view;
only in the garden
does the world seem real and 'true'.
It's only when the hands are touched
by the soil of centuries  -
it's only then the soul rewakes,
and the heart begins to ease;
the rushing's hushed, and the frantic pace
is slowed to a manageable peace. . . .
The mind clears, to remember
that although life can be wearing,
there's still a place for beauty,
for gentle calm, and sharing
a life where PEOPLE matter;
for each and every form of life  -
wherever we may find them;
it doesn't matter;  'high' or 'low',
for everybody knows
that when you help a 'little' one,
your own spirit grows.
This is something needed, this is something true,
as we build again, and really choose
old values made anew!
'Father' GOD and 'Mother' Earth  -
they are the only sources
of spiritual replenishment and physical resources.
Co-operate at every turn,
by studying what the Law is  -
the Law that brings us harmony
with their invisible forces.
Study this, and we will find
replenishment and peace of mind  -
a kind of over-all re-birth,
a new affinity with 'Mother' Earth!

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