Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

oh, my soul
softer than a cloud
and somehow-


in the flesh-
souls mesh-

God, I've seen an angel's wings.
That everything you do
Does many things

my legs walk,
my hands build,
my eyes see
ears hear
I talk

and too, Hallowed Father-
this flesh is tied and bound
of a heart and soul
spirit and mind-

and in that this physical body
crosses the spiritual plain,
in sin.

sinning of the flesh-
upon the soul, the toll-
lusting and fussing
a greedy and wicked heart
pounding within me
like my fist upon my bed
each night, in repent -

when all I can say,
is sorry?
how can I be so sorry, Lord?
what is it, to be perfect?
how does my love fall short,
when I've never loved another
as I do you?

help me see through?

and this world, a soul, multiplied
and a billion souls dead of sin
and every single Word of God
is seen, indeed, to be justified.

and my flesh, I see in truth
and the truth has a sleuth
that follows me- (guilt)
where pleasures of my flesh
cause pain upon my Soul
pleasure and guilt
I wear like a suit-

and in the little pocket-
lay the cloth, I use to wipe away
the dripping proof that I am a sinner-

I am a sinner.
Forgive me, one and all-
That my Lord, may cover me-
For in His Forgiveness, only
I am different. (Grace)

Heaven, heaven above-
I see You!
Damn the day I stood the earth
Rise me up My Lord-
At God's Door-
Oh merciful, eternal birth.

Father! I cry out to You-
Oh, Jesus, come!
Your children need You!

We are tired, Father
And we are hopeful-
That Thou Father and Son and Holy Spirit
Are gathered, of Saints and Angels-
Infinite Glory- At Thy Gate-

Thou face is stern, Lord
And You are Coming For Yours-
I See You, I hear the Horses-

Most Holiest Ones- Of Power and Might
Just and Righteous-
You Are Mounted!

It is time.

.. and when my flesh falls and dies.. to the earth and burn-
my Sword, Lord to my hand return!

And in Your Armor- We will kill again..
Satan's Army-
every demon-

and rid of this flesh,

April 17, 2100 © Anthony James , All rights reserved