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Poetry by Lance Landall
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Poetry by Lance Landall

My! Aren’t you incredible. Look at you. You’re a work of art, An amazing creation — a computer you’d outsmart. And they’re trying to figure out how on earth you came about, But you’ve got them bamboozled, for you’ve been very well-thought-out.

You can’t be duplicated, you’re too unique, one of a kind, And though you’re entirely human, no one else has the same mind. Every brain may look alike, and comprise of the same things too, But nobody has your mind, for such belongs alone to you.

Yes, you’re a marvel, a mystery — well, largely so, I guess, For they’ve figured out a lot, though they’re still puzzled, they confess. Yes, for the way you’ve been designed, hollers that a mastermind Has put you all together, and the key will not let us find.

Some say that you got here by chance, but how, can’t fully explain, And are often pointing to some evolutionary chain. But that chain has missing links that nobody has ever found, And personally, I’m convinced that their story isn’t sound.

Yes, you’re just far too complex, hence the best boffins you perplex — They’re stumped, baffled, bewildered, and added to that is your sex. Yes, so alike, yet, so different — that’s right, woman and man, Hence why boffins scratch their heads, and mutter, “It’s like there’s a plan.”

You’re so wonderfully made, and so intricately designed, And the more that they prod and probe, the more that they seem to find. But you’re not just a body, for you have a heart and a mind, Hence those thoughts and emotions — you’re no robot, you’re humankind.

Yes, you’re a living miracle, there’s no one the same as you — For though someone may be similar — of you, there isn’t two. And even if you’re a twin, and identical, as they say, You’re still no one else but you, and to that, let us say, HOORAY!

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