Andrew PellMy Beautiful Friends
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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My Beautiful Friends
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(Dedicated to all of you whose friendship I give thanks for everyday)

I look into your eyes, I wonder what you see.
What is it that I have that could possibly enrich your life. It is only me.
I am sure at one time all of us have thought this way.
We are like a flowing river, heading upstream. We connect each and everyday.
Now I look into your eyes and say thank you to you all.
You have raised me so high, yet I know I cannot fall.
I look into your eyes and I see what I can give you now.
A kindly smile, a warm heart, This is what I can give you. This is how.
I to can lift you high and help you reach the highest mountain.
This is the truth this is for certain.
Great each other with a warm smile and humble heart.
My beautiful friends you and I will never ever part.

Andrew Pell 10/12/2005

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