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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 11-13-06

My friend my love for you, I say that it is true.
My cup runs over with my love for you.
My friend as for my desires to do for you what is right.
It is in my heart, as if there is a fire burning in the night.
And my friend as for when it comes to what I need.
Youíll take care of that for me, if your words I heed.
When I suffer with an illness or I feel great pain.
Along side me I know you my friend will remain.
You my friend was there when my loved ones did die.
You my friend have gently held me as I did cry.
And just like any other good friend when Iím in need.
To my side you have always come with great speed.
You my friend have always been there day or night.
Helping me and guiding me to do what is right.
Now it is with great pride, the truth my friend must be told.
Our friendship to me my friend, it is as precious as gold.
You are everything I could ever want in a friend I must say.
With this I must say thank you Jesus for coming my way.

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