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Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer
Written 1-27-07

There was a flash of red amongst the white and green.
A male cardinal is what I had seen.
He was there for only a moment and then he was gone.
But not far away as I could still hear his song!

There in my hedges he had taken him a seat.
This winterís day he came looking for something to eat.
The feeder was not filled with what he wanted to see.
Still he took a few seconds to look and nod at me.

Off in flight to the neighborís feeder he did go.
What he found to eat there this I do not know.
But it was from there his song the wind did bring.
He must have been happy for it was there he did sing.

He sang a song that only the words his kind would know.
Still his song of his contentment to me it did show.
Heíll come again to my place although I know not when.
Perhaps upon that day Iíll have what he likes when he comes then.
But until then I am happy in knowing he came by to see me.
Happy I am for the beauty of that winterís morn God gave to me.
Content I am for that momentís sight and the song I did hear.
I am happy to know I saw the cardinal who came to visit here.

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