My Life
Poetry By Anthony James


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My Life
Poetry By Anthony James

My belief is that God knows us before we are born as men-
He knows our strengths, weaknesses.. and then!
He works out our path,
Our problems, situations, challenges and maturation

God is the all Loving and Merciful Governor of Life
We are His Children and He wants us all HOME!

Every breath you take, His!
Every hair you have, His!
Every smile and hope- His!
Every move you make- His!

But what is ours?
What distinguishes us?

Our Soul-
His Spirit
Our Mind
His Conscious Thoughts are ours-

Together, we walk this life
We think, choose and act-
God puts the problems before us-

We fail so many times-
But time is His Mercy-
To try again, and learn...

No, this is not an easy school.
And yes it will be sad and sadder for some
This is a real and true, truth.

It's all about getting Home.
That is what life is all about.

February 7, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved