My Sarah My Best Friend
by Diann Sheldon

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My Sarah My Best Friend
by Diann Sheldon

I have a very special friend
Who lives at home with me
There does not a day pass bye
She fails to make me see
That if she were not in my life
How boring it would be

She has a special gift
And it can make me smile
Burst out loud in laughter
And make my day worthwhile

When I come home
She is always there
To greet me at the door
Wags her tail then she falls
Flat down upon the floor

With belly up and silly grin
She has across her face
All this takes place without
One single ounce of grace

Then after this she trots around
Hot on my heels all day
Dragging her purple pillow
Inviting me to play

Iíll grab her purple pillow
And tug a war a while
Then Iíll throw it down the hall
She seems to ware a smile

So down the hall my Sarah runs
To fetch her favorite toy
Running back so eagerly
With great amount of joy

After we have played a while
Iíll get up off the floor
And start my daily routine
As I have the days before

Sarah she is never very far away
Just in case I decide
That I might like to play
If I forget to have some fun
The next thing I do know
There is Sarah at my feet
With her purple pillow

Weíll tug a war a while
And down the hall it flyís
Then Sarah running back
With great joy in her eyes
She is black and white

Has long long hair
Her tail curled on her back
A ponytail upon her head
A bow sometimes intact

Itís hard to tell what end it what
Until she lifts her head
She looks at me with big brown eyes
Black button nose and grin
I look at her and smile
My Sarah my best friend

Diann Sheldon
Oct. 1994 ©


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Painting by Mary T. Hoffman - God's Creation in Art

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