My Soul Has a Father
Poetry By Anthony James


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My Soul Has a Father
Poetry By Anthony James

like a long math problem,
my life pens itself among, within, upon a million equations
I am me, so I tend to see myself as just wonderful-
something tells me that I am loved-
not sure what it is, but I have that feeling.

if a day is a page-
every page, then, is full of this math of thoughts-
interactions, words, eyes, ears, mouths-
I seek for an eraser, there is one-
to ask for forgiveness and repent-
it is all taken away-

You, are merciful
You are Loving
I am Your child.

You are the Glorious Father!
You are Hallowed and Incomprehensible!
Your firmament is Superior to our deepest imaginations-

And my book is rather messy,
problems I face head on, show many mistakes
in the solving- so you have given us 'memory'-
in hopes that we would learn and remember next time-

still, I repeat mistakes
and, still, You are merciful and forgiving
and you allow me another go!

and for the slow-
there is Just pain and suffering
to push the lessons- to clean the messes

oh Father! If I can get Home, who cannot?
what have I done, right among all my wrongs?
just one thing?

I have loved you always, Father.
and it is something that has always been in my heart and soul-
and now my mind is catching up!

I love you God-
my Soul has a Father.

February 2, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved