Lance LandallNegatively Positive
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Negatively Positive
Poetry by Lance Landall

 “You shouldn’t think negatively,” certain folk will say to you, “You must think positively,” these folk also lecture too. But it’s not quite that simple, and they’re somewhat incorrect, Hence why their pithy statements, one should carefully inspect.

I certainly wouldn’t condemn, a positive attitude, But all need to be given, a degree of latitude. It’s unfair, and unrealistic, expecting that all should be Always thinking positive, as opposed to, negatively.

Yes, many keep on saying, “You must think positively,” Wielding such like a mallet, hammering it home, obsessively. Such can leave folk feeling worse, and it’s the wrong thing to say, To any who are depressed, or suffering, in some other way.

We all have our ups and downs, our share of trouble and pain, For sometimes there is sunshine, sometimes cloudy skies and rain. Hence it’s only natural, if some days we’re feeling blue, And seeking out another, who will help us make it through.

Sometimes we feel anxiety, even experience fear, And there’re times when we should; though such are negative, we hear. Without these strong emotions, so much worse off we would be, For often such can save us, from danger and complacency.

Anger? Hasn’t a righteous anger, seen people acting bravely, Or timid folk thus aroused, speaking out courageously? Didn’t a so-called negative, act as a positive here, If anger helped to suppress, weakness, reticence, or fear?

Isn’t it how we deal with it, and, what’s motivated it too, Not whether it’s right or wrong, or that there’s a fault with you? Wouldn’t we be less than human, if anger we didn’t feel, Regarding wicked actions, that life, and human rights, steal?

And hasn’t frustration too, seen something good come about, A clever idea, for instance, that provided a way out? Didn’t a so-called negative, here too, act as a positive, If frustration led to, an answer, an alternative?

And what about those people, who created something great, ’Midst, or due to, deep despair, that sometimes would dominate. If it hadn’t been for that low, they wouldn’t have created What many today uplifts, and, is much appreciated.

Yes, even negative things, can be blessings in disguise, For out of a negative, a positive can arise. But, are some things negative, like is commonly believed, Or, is it purely and simply, how those things are perceived?

“For everything there is a season…”

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