Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

it's true, so true
the words you've said-
the wealthy few
the things they do-
that birth within their heads

high above the sound
of the cries of birth
of souls in flesh wrapped and bound
of life that comes of hearts like drums
the wealthy see as crumbs

and yes these things are true-
the wealthy few
the things they do-

of cold stone,
their hearts made wicked
and thank you God
for the flesh will sicken
with death to all rich and poor
all are stricken, that's for sure-

elitist hearts still, flesh
no matter,
their chitter chatter
and silver platter-

they will die-
they will try-
the Heavens, to buy

no, they be denied, then tried
and they will die
for the second death
will come as a lie

to the man,
who repented, not
sad and sorrowful is the heart
of a man whose hell is, nigh.