No Soul Left Behind
Poetry By Anthony James


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No Soul Left Behind
Poetry By Anthony James

I came here with so many others
all through our fathers and mothers-
souls in skin and bones
crawling, then baby steps through time
growing and becoming of age-

I am me and you are you-
I see your light shining through
only from a few in this big place do I know
I see your face and I know that I know you
we are here together.

Do not make me cry
Do not die, nor let I
let us aim High, our Home, together we can try-
Do not go away no matter the pain, stay.
no matter the cross, Jesus' love remained the same.
All of us
You and I.

Let us be together forever-
Never a time to weep of any loss of each other
Pray Jesus to save us all-
Pray Jesus to see us pick each other up
when we fall-

then we will love each other to Heaven-
Jesus will meet us and lead us
to the tall gates of pearl,
the Gates will open to us all
trumpets will sound, and angels will know our names
we will be so different but our name is our name

God's children all Home again.