Oh Eve
Poetry By Anthony James

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Oh Eve
Poetry By Anthony James

$#!t, what is this..
look what you've gone and done.
doomed us, oh eve-

my love, what have you done?

cast us both into sin-
and the two of us, after all-
are one-

taking me down with you
was selfish, oh eve-

look at me, hiding myself
filled with the shame of a forgotten son-
vile and filled with the false promises
of the evil one-

making my heart lust, oh eve
for your flesh-
caressing you with thoughts of consuming you
and taking you-
to the dirtiest places of my mind-

the fallen one, imbued-
oh, eve-

what a place to be
with the one I love so truly-
my only mate, oh eve.

that old serpent
he did lead you astray,
oh eve-

what have we done
of the children to come?
let us cry, forever more

for them.

o' Adam.
o' Eve.