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Poetry by Lance Landall
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Poetry by Lance Landall

Please go easy on your parents, for your parents can struggle too,
And so many mothers and fathers hurt and hardship have been through.
And parents can also make mistakes, which they tearfully regret,
Thus, those pillows their heads rest on — just like some children’s — end up wet.

There are many parents out there who raise their children very well,
Despite most unhappy backgrounds, or a lack of parental skill.
And though struggling with their problems, and erring as they go along,
They still manage to raise good children who choose right rather than wrong.

But by some unexpected wrong that their children may say or do,
Even the very best of parents can end up disappointed too.
And even the best of children who have been given the best start,
Can somehow, somewhere, sometime lose the plot, and from sound paths depart.

Yes, parenting's not easy, it’s somewhat learn as you go along,
Hence, even good parents will inevitably get some things wrong.
But sometimes a parent will suffer for no reason of their own,
Due to rebellious children, or a child who's somewhat trouble-prone.

Yes, within every child and parent, complexities can abide,
And within the lives of each, sad inheritances too, oft hide.
Which is why every one of us should be slow to point the finger,
And why all, on such complexity, more thoughtfully should linger.

Often the wrong that some parents do, stems from harm they’ve suffered too,
Or from a very bad example that wrong seeds inside them grew.
Hence why cycles are repeated by some children that parents rear,
Perpetuating problems, and more heartache, that they too, will share.

Yes, there are some renegade parents, whose wrong no one should excuse,
But here we're talking parents who wrong definitely wouldn't choose.
So, don’t be too hard on parents — rather, support and understand,
For those errors that they sometimes make, aren’t errors that they have planned.

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