Perdition Omission
Poetry By Anthony James


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Perdition Omission
Poetry By Anthony James

I know of the light,
but I live in the dark
but I want the light
but I am losing the fight

dirty drugs have coursed my veins
filled my belly and redecorated my brains
with Satan's wallpaper and sinful stains

I like the 'high' it changes me
I get along with others when I'm not me
I take them on time, I make up reasons
and trick doctors to do this crime
I get my pills, they give me chills
and I pray still,

to Jesus.

What will He do? I heard of His unending Love
I will need it all- and my sins go on

I want the prostitute around me
on top of me so I can be in her
nothing between us but our flesh
I take my chances she is the only one there
when I come from nowhere
when I'm going nowhere
nothing more, nothing less

I love her in that moment we seek no harm
her touch is soft, the unwanted, the unneeded-
in each other's arms- and we go on

lost on a huge planet here long, long before us-
pouring out our humanity on the loneliest of days
giving up everything, having nothing
but our hopeful, hopeless ways...

oh Heaven awaits
the junkie and the prostitute
but Hell might indeed be the gates
we walk through..

God are you there?
I do not like this place
You made us all, you did your best
so why am I the junkie and she the prostitute
they say we are worth less?

I will fight for my life before you
show you my disappointments and implore you
Oh Lord you know this world is evil,

save us Father Of Goodness and Love
the junkie and the prostitute
never a day, the fool.

May 24, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved