Anthony James Please Forgive me //we're all sinners//

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Please Forgive me //we're all sinners//
Poetry By Anthony James

Father I am asking for You
Just this time,
Would You, God
Turn Your Ear,
To me?

Just this one time.

God, I am innocent.
But I sin.
What will become of me?
Will You destroy me?
Kill me?

But You would miss
This love I have for You.
I want to Live.

Will You Forgive,
Let me in, oh God.
Open the door
Forever more

That I wouldn't call out
A brother's name...

"open the door"

Jesus, please hear my words
I know you remember me
As a child.

And You Loved me.
Now, I have become that rag
You said was so.
And now I know.

That, yes, that is me.
Oh I say that I am this
And I say that I am that

But every one does that.

Jesus, this is all I have.

That I Believe in You.

My hands are empty.
My tongue says nothing
It is just me, before You

And I want to Live.
Please, Oh Jesus...
I have been disappointed my whole life

Forgive me.

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