Poetry By Anthony James

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Poetry By Anthony James

All alone, I was so sad this day-
I said a prayer, in tears to God-
"Send me something to brighten my spirit", I plea!
but as time went on, I grew more hopeless-
I sat beneath a tree-

I lay down with lumpy roots pillowing me
I saw a white bird alone in the tree-
I felt so tired and closed my self down to a sleep-

I woke, and the white bird was closer before my eyes
I was so sleepy, still on my side- we looked into each others eyes-
his little head looked up and his beak gave off an epic cry-

I fell on my back to see what he saw-
A thing I had never seen before-
A tree with white leaves aglow-

Whose eyes can see such a thing?
What did this dove bring-
Rising up to see this thing of wonder
I am in love with this tree I'm under-

With tears in my eyes, I swayed on my feet
With such love in my heart, I could begin to see-
that on each leaf, was a poem to read-
and one fell toward me-

"I Love You"-