Lance LandallPointless Risks
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Pointless Risks
Poetry by Lance Landall

“It’s my right,” you hear some say, regarding some things they do, That are foolish and dangerous, and even selfish, too, Especially if they’re married, and have children as well, Who one day, via a coffin, may tearfully them farewell.

Many are seen as heroes, something I can’t understand, Given these crazy things they do, via the sky, on sea, or land. Many times they risk their lives, doing these things that they do, That one day, could see their loved ones, much heartache go through.

They call such acts: ‘extreme sports’, and extreme’s certainly right, For those indulging in such, aren’t behaving very bright. It’s not acting sensibly, if you’re playing with your life, And it shows a lack of thought, for one’s children, husband, or wife.

When one’s married, or has children, such selfishness has no place, For one’s duty, not one’s right, is what true love should embrace. To indulge in extreme sports, knowing full well you could die, Hardly gives you hero status, for only fools, such things try.

I find it most intriguing, how, many who want to live, Will gamble away their lives, doing what’s not positive. Who would put their life at risk, simply for a silly thrill, That their loved one’s happiness, and themselves, could pointlessly kill.

These folk aren’t good role-models, for just folly they encourage, Such extreme behaviour, society should discourage. ’Though it gives some folk a thrill, or an adrenalin rush, It can also take their life, and other’s happiness crush.

If you’ve no wife or children, there are others you’ll affect, Should you very imprudently, an ‘extreme sport’ select. And who’ll pay your expenses, should your thrill lead to a spell In a rehab center, or on life-support, at a hospital.

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