Public Awareness!
By Donna Durbin


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Public Awareness!
By Donna Durbin

Public awareness is where it must start
Public awareness that goes straight to the heart
We go to the circus for a grand treat
Where all those wild animals have mostly been beat!

We are wrapping up with furs and skin
Oh dear GOD, what those slaughtered animals could have been
We sit down to a lovely family meal
Chewing and enjoying the well prepared veal!

To give our life's more love and joy
A pet is brought in as another mere toy
No thoughts are taken to have them fixed
PUPPIES are cute, purebred or mixed!

These animals have brains and tender feelings too
So this is what those WHO CARE MUST do.
Share with all with the utmost respect
Even if it means sticking out our necks!

Public awareness, yes, truly a lot will care
About the misfortunate, sad, lifeless, and often frightened stare!
Public awareness; let it be one of our main goals
For it surely will benefit our human and animal souls!