Andrew PellPure Unmeasurable, Boundless Free
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Pure Unmeasurable, Boundless Free
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The immortal hymn “O the deep, deep love of Jesus”
It is about God moving forward in each of us.
Never stopping, eternally flowing, boundless and free.
God is always there for you and me.
What wonderful imagery stirs our heart?
That the Lord will never discard us or part,
Unmeasurable and pure;
A gift for sure,
Taking us by the hand each moment of the day.
Rolling ever onward in our thoughts as we pray,
“Unmeasurable” What a wonderful concept is this?
It translates that God’s love transcends life and gives us eternal bliss.
Who could be not be moved by the pure imagery used in this Hymn,
Uncorrupted, pure unmeasurable and free,
Jesus opens the door to set us free.
With God there is no entry fee.

© Andrew Pell 01/01/2014

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