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Questions for My Church
Poetry By Anthony James


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Questions for My Church
Poetry By Anthony James

The catholic church? If the catholic church is a church of the True God, I would want to know why the catholic mass which is one day per week only reads about 5 minutes from the bible? I ask th is because catholics are not "knowledgeable" of the Truth of the Word. And yet, anyone catholic or otherwise will read that God says 'many of my people will perish for lack of knowledge" Hos. 4:6-

If you do not 'know' the Word, you are blind to God's Truths and Ways and also what He commands of us and this is not just 10 commandments..

but this is also 'repentance', sacrificing, not loving the world, not having money as the master because if money is your master you have chosen money over God... There is the parable of the 10 virgins and many will knock at the door of heaven expecting the Lord to let them in. But dangerously so Jesus tells us that our lamps were not filled with knowledge and faith.. but was rather lacking and in this the door was shut.  Jesus lets us know that many of these will have even healed in Jesus name and even prophesied.. nonetheless their hearts were lacking True Faith in the Lord Jesus and perhaps they did their good deeds in the name of pride and profit. God knows our Truths.

God must be praised completely and Honored and we must surrender to the Lord Jesus. On our knee before the King, who is the Merciful Savior.

Fully knowing our position as undeserving and far far from a place of being forgiven.. and yet if Jesus forgives us.. we must surely be in complete and utter dismay and our hearts must pour out of the True Love that Jesus had for us whom He Saved.

The catholic church with its gaudy churches and fancy altars of gold and marble.. are not the focus of any thing but of worldly adornments.  But Jesus Christ wouldn't care if your faith was of the kind that is of 'Saving Faith' if you lived in a cave in utter poverty.  Jesus was born in a barn. And who does God look upon of all the people? The poor who tremble at His Word.