Quiet Sacrifice
Poetry By Anthony James

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Quiet Sacrifice
Poetry By Anthony James

you don't get it,
you don't know why
you don't even know how to try

shouldn't it just be somewhere?
can I put it in someone?
for that emptiness, that loneliness?

it's hard to walk alone-
and keep straight on the road-
when I'm so prone- feel so cold-

but I got a place I go to-
where regrets fill the room-
where my sweat- smells like perfume-
it's not where I want to be-
it's just, there's no other place for me-

and then I cry and weep-
and then I have a good sleep-
and I think, I won't do that again-
a promise I can never keep-

and who cares?
just me.
and it's okay because I found out-
that I can still keep-
keep on going, fully knowing-
that in this particular life-
there is nothing for me.
it's the way it is- the way I'm living-
take nothing- and everything's a given

left it all behind, long ago-
and now and again-
He lets me know-

it is powerful of a man-
to live his life like a lamb-
to sacrifice all there is-

as a way to live-

November 13, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved