Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

If I know the Word

From eyes reading, or ears heard-

Of such things that Satan deceives

Of such things in truth are hard to do-

Of such things as commandments and sins

Then I must surely Believe.

For after all I have my own free will-

And even if I try to humor the Word-

I cannot so easily, be good, even still-

So what is it then,

Of such things as "righteousness"

Why so hard a thing to be?

Is it as Jesus, Himself did say

That our nature, evil, be?

And if it's true, through His Word our destiny?

Or is it likely to pass over such thoughts

To choose, instead, enmity?

And be Judged in the Highest Courts?

To say you do not believe...

Are not words, enough, to say

Because you cannot do the Word of God

Is more the truth at play-

So what to do of such things that rend?

Why, my God, we must Repent!

Repent, Repent, Oh Souls that live

True Life, Eternal, for those who did!

Do not repose in faithlessness-

Until a try you give!

And if you've done the Word of God

With a straight look on your face..

And if you can tell me just the same-

You did not receive His Grace?

If you can say I lived His Word

It wasn't that hard to do?

I'll weep just then,

To know, my friend-

These things you did not do!

So tell me then

This truth that be-

That to live the Truth

Is harder than it seems?

And could it be, then,

Through and through-

That every Word Jesus spoke

Was Absolute True?

For again, I say-

If the answer is nay-

Then make your case-

And give account

By The Word, compared

Of the total mess you've made.