Poetry By John CannonReflections II
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Reflections II
By John Cannon

There are

so delicate
so transparent

you donít
notice them,

no solid form
to draw your eye.

The sky just looks
a little lighter,

a pastel
instead of deep blue


at the very last moment
before the sun is gone

the whole sky
is illuminated

with the softest
golden radiance

and finally
you see

just briefly

how these clouds

light up

the whole world.

There are

so intuitive
so subtly sensitive
to others

you donít
notice them,

no intrusive presence
to draw your attention.

They move gently
among us

without rippling
our waters

with a soft word

a gentle expression

a slight action
that doesnít register
in your conscious mind


you realize

how these small gestures

lighten up

your whole world.

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