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By John Cannon

By chance, I heard
a beautiful song
I hadnít heard for years.

The delicate touch
on the acoustic guitar,

and the poignant sadness
of the minor chords

brought tears
to my eyes

and, for a moment,
I was swamped
with grief ó

grief, perhaps, for
my own lost youth,

grief, perhaps, for
the lost time of
the flower children

when words and deeds,
and signs and symbols
of love and peace
pervaded our youth culture.

I felt a deep melancholy,
tempered with a spark
of hope and fervent yearning

that, just like Natureís
inevitable cycles
of rejuvenation,

our next generations
will turn aside
from fear and hate,

will rekindle
the ever-present embers

of tolerance,
of respect,
of compassion,

of peace and love

and Joy.

Bloodroot - Image by Sharon Fisher

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