Poetry By Anthony James


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Poetry By Anthony James

Jesus, my heart is filled
With thoughts of You-
My mind is in constant conversation

What things You have done for me, Lord
What things You can do-
And have done in me-

Invisible Hand,
Oh, Lord
Grab hold of me, Daddy God
For when I was lost,
Thou Words were done-

True to me,
Thy Son-
I never knew
I was a Chosen one-

Til Thy Hand became clear
Lifting me, frequently-
Running a course of sin-
Loving You,
Speaking words worth praying-

I died.

Father, I was too weak
As I am
As You Knew-

The fall, Father
The fall-
Don't You remember-
My letting go....

With You, my Lord
The world slowly,

I didn't Know.

Father look at me-
I am like a string
Weak, and easily broken

I think about this every day, Father
I think of how Your Holy Spirit
Came upon me-
Filled me with Fear,
The Fear of God

Oh Father you made me cry
And weep and sob, after I died.
And I, Father I was never happier
In tears, for I was with You-
Chastened, Father
I was with You-

In Thy Fire, Lord
I did not burn.
In Your Arms, Lord

And I look about
As if I had just been through
The most horrid experience ever imagined

And I had-

The world.