Revelation- the Antichrist
Poetry By Anthony James


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Revelation- the Antichrist
Poetry By Anthony James

and he was called-
cleared of transgressions- impurities
he went for the walk-
through the path where the Lion stood
in the sun, as a flower-

The bells tolled-
upon completion-
The sky was orange and pink
as to say "it is done"- Angelic Clouds
comforted the tired feet of the young lion-
who is to carry words
who can handle such woes to follow them-

it is to be revealed- the Beast-
her name is 'mystery' and she is strong of victory-
but she stands known by another name- her true name-
which is to be made known- and she will not be a mystery,

it will be in the final sun's- glows
A Lion will roar, trumpets will sound-
The sky will open- Scriptures and prophecies
come to life- there is no time to make wonders
of these truths at this time- for fear is abound-

A deafening bang is heard- and a voice speaks-
it is like no voice heard before-

"Rise beast and reveal your name"

The ground shakes upon the foundation of the creation of the earth-
From the depth of the Sea- a Huge Beast rises up- causing waves that destroy many shores and inlands- She has 7 heads and 10 horns- every head wails in agony-

A scream is cried and the sky is blackened-
But the Lamb Lights the land- for all to see- her
The Beast- And when the beast, under the power of the Lamb rises
She is burned in the Light of His Holiness-
She is crying and aching- and a voice that sounds like animals crying-
is heard- And the beast wails the words..

"I Am-Erica"

and a second name is written on her forehead-
"The Antichrist".

December 5, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved