Poetry By Anthony James

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Poetry By Anthony James

I want to laugh,
but I need to cry
I live to die but i?
I need to cry

I've fallen down, {she is passing}
stumbled upon a thick root
veining the ground

it's all around me
I'm so lonely
I'm trying to laugh
but it doesn't work
I try to cry, I try to yell
I must have died and gone to hell

I fade away- {she passes}
my breath is gone
unconscious soul floating along
toward a blackened mass
of endless bliss-
a little soul, she drifts-

[a best friend is home mourning- looking into the sky- she has a vision]

~ gone away beyond the eye
a long echoed voice is heard to cry
oh friend of mine- who lived and died
you who tried to laugh but cried
I loved you so, now you can go-
you'll see and be, alone no more

so far away- you glide asleep-
awake again, eternally {she is in Heaven} ~

January 13, 2011 © Anthony James , All rights reserved